Voyager PRO GPS

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Hello Friends!

We are excited to launch our newest GPS gauge, the Voyager Pro.
We?ve been taking pre-orders for a couple of months, and have been teasing with ads about some of the hot new innovations. Our engineers and test-riders have been working overtime to bring together all this cutting-edge new tech. We?re releasing these devices into the wild, so stay tuned!

The most exciting feature is Buddy Tracking, which shows other Voyager Pro devices in your Buddy Group on the map view. The bottom line is you can radically increase your following distance from your ride group. Take different paths and when you want to meet up, just ride toward your buddy?s icon, or summon your buddies with the Emergency Beacon. Let the dust settle, then go.
Switch to Buddy Mode to keep your whole group on the map view. It uses vehicle-to-vehicle-radio-signals, so no cell or GPS reception is needed. The range is usually .5 to 1.5 miles, but with fewer obstructions it can go to the horizon.

for dust and water intrusion.
Voyager Pro can survive under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without harmful ingress of water or dust.

Voyager Pro is compatible with RAM Mounts.
Most kits include a handlebar mount, but can be upgraded to any RAM mount.