Twin Air Oil Cooler System Honda CR450FX 08-09 (incl. 140003)
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Twin Air Oil Cooler System Honda CR450FX 08-09 (incl. 140003)
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Twin Air Oil Cooler System Honda CR450FX 08-09 (incl. 140003)

Honda CR450FX 08-09

By dramatically lowering the temperature of the oil and your water temp accordingly
TwinAir"s patented oil cooler can keep your rides and your engine at peak performance longer.

TwinAir's solution is a revolutionary improvement. Zigzag fins were, at best, a passive tactic.
Longer cooling tubes got in the way and were less effective.
Unlike traditional coolant-based approaches that tap into the water cooling system,
TwinAir's design is the first air-cooled driven solution. From a mounting panel behind the radiator,
flexible hoses circulate oil to a unique, tubular cooling grill of 3 sets of 3 short pipes designed
to maximize heat exchange.

The TwinAir Oil Cooler kit includes everything you need:

heat exchanger
mounting hardware
oil filter cap
step-by-step instructions

Twin Air's Oil Cooler's unique tubular heat exchanger cools the oil by running the oil through
the tubes via a 3 chamber element.
The 6mm ID rubber hose was our choice to maximize heat exchange and maintain optimal oil pressure.
Our testing of a rubber hose versus a stainless steel braided hose,
the rubber hose had better heat exchange and maintained engine oil pressure.
The Twin Air Oil Cooler is mounted behind the left side radiator
and comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting.