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How much gas when the race starts? Do you want to achieve maximum performance both at the start and during the entire race? Would you like to feel more focused while driving and take a perfect ride?

For the first time in the motocross market: RPM Dash, not just a simple tachometer, but an incredible universal Launch Control system with shift indicator included.
RPM Dash is the new device signed GET, fully compatible with the original components of the dirt bikes and able to:
guarantee a good start
help you keep under control the level of engine RPM
indicate when it's time to change gear

The device GET RPM Dash is absolutely customizable: thanks to the Launch Control mode, the button on the handlebar (included) allows you to set the optimal RPM level to be reached just before the start, helping you to understand how much throttle to open or close. When all 12 LEDs are on, you are ready to release the clutch and jump out of the gate.

The LEDs also allow you to know the RPM level in real time and thus have full control of the dirt bike. In addition, thanks to the Shift Light function, once the shift threshold has been reached (which can always be set with the button), the LEDs will flash to signal the right moment to change gear and release full engine power.

Release the clutch and take the holeshot!