TTO Drehzahl / Stundenzähler

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 15055466

TTO Error Code:
ERR03 code is a double trigger signal that it receives. Basically the unit sees a trigger from the sensor wire and then the head unit is close enough to the coil that is sees another trigger from the coil.
This causes the error code.
This can be cleared by holding he blue button in on the back of the meter until it says reset on it.
Normally the meter will then need to be mounted farther away from the coil if possible.
TTO A Betriebsstundenzähler & Drezahlmesser

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 15055466 Betriebsstundenzähler &...

TTO R Betriebsstundenzähler

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 15055466 Betriebsstundenzähler...

TTO Stundenzähler EH2  22 mm Hose Sensor

TTO Surface - Orange - 22mm Hose Sensor Temperature °F/°C -40 -...

TTO Stundenzähler ET1  10mm Spark Plug Sensor

TTO Surface - Black - Temperature Gauge - 10mm CHT Sensor...

TTO Stundenzähler ET2 12mm Spark Plug Sensor

TTO Stundenzähler ET2 12mm Spark Plug Sensor

TTO Stundenzähler ET3 14mm CHT Sensor

TTO Stundenzähler ET3 TTO 14mm CHT Sensor Temperature...

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