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TrailTech Stator
Add some ZAP to your BRAAAP with a high output Trail Tech stator!
Trail Tech stators drastically increase the stock electrical output
and convert the bike?s electrical system over to full DC.
This allows you to run all types of lighting or other accessories that require DC power.
Each model-specific kit is plug and play, which makes stator installation a breeze!


S-8361-05 Stator Kit - KTM SXF/XCF 11-15
S-8365-05 Stator Kit - KTM/Husq SXF/XCF/FC/FX 16-19
SR-8310 Stator Kit - KTM/Husq/Beta 4stk 07-11, 2stk 17-19
SR-8312 Stator Kit - KTM/Husa/Husq XC/XCW/TE 08-16
SR-8313 Stator Kit - KTM 4stk 07-11