Riemen MD Comet

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Ultimax® MD belts by Timken

Ultimax MD belts are designed for a variety of markets including go-kart, golf cart, junior dragster, and lawn and garden applications.
Most of the line is designed for Comet clutches and torque converters.
Ultimax MD includes the Comet belts (MD100 series) and
snowmobile fan/water pump belts (MD200 series).

All Ultimax belts are proudly made in U.S.A.


The Ultimax MD line brings together a variety of belts for a variety of applications all built for performance with Ultimax quality

MD100 series belts are Comet applications
MD200 series belts are fan belts for air-cooled snowmobiles

Materials and Manufacturing
A variety of constructions built with quality materials by craftsman in the U.S.A.
All Ultimax belts are manufactured to tolerances that meet or exceed OEM specs

Belts match original Comet spec

Decades of advancement and experience are built into every Ultimax belt.  Over a million miles a year of documented field testing ensure that Ultimax belts stay ahead of the pack in value and performance.

Ultimax belts take advantage of the latest material and manufacturing advances so you get reliability, longer life, and better performance than ever before out of your belt.