Wireless Betriebsstundenzähler mit SOS Funktion - Smartphone App

13.07.2019 07:34

GET C1 Betriebsstundenzähler wireless - Vibration Impuls

GET Smart SOS Notsignal & Betriebsstundenzähler Wireless

Smartphone App mit vielen Funktionen

Smart SOS is the innovative GET engine which is both a settable SOS alarm and a wireless engine hour meter.
This device features an internal accelerometer which detects when the bike falls
 and send a SOS notification with the GPS location to your selected contacts,
thanks to a free App available for both iOS and Android.
Smart SOS allows to record customised service intervals in order to keep
 the bike at the highest level of efficiency and performance;
and it also tracks total and partial counts (up to 1000 hours, with resettable partial).
Equipped with a CR2032 replaceable battery,
Smart SOS can be installed without needs of cables or sensors and is water and dirt proof.


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