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DENSO?s patented Nickel TT Spark Plugs feature a nickel centre
and a ?twin? protruding ground electrode with a slimmer 1.5mm diameter
Highly ignitable technology achieves ignition efficiency closer to DENSO?s premium Iridium ranges,
in a design that does not require expensive precious metals
Design that does not require expensive precious metals: in short, improved performance for a lower cost!

Born for cold starts
Improved ignition performance for a reliable start

With less voltage required to strat your engine, this means a quicker,
stronger start even in extreme cold weather conditiions
Incorporating an exceptionally fine centre electrode - 1.5mm compared to a standard size of 2.5mm -
the spark produced is much stronger, especially in lower temperatures, producing better ignition performance

Reducing emissions
Improved Ignitability leads to combustion fluctuation, resulting in less fuel consumption
and significantly reduced CO, CO2 and CH emissions

Intelligent design for improved fuel consumption
TT Spark Plug technology allows for a better combustion leading to a lower fuel consumption,
saving money in the long term.
Its excellent ignitability ensures better combustion that can ignite leaner mixtures,
resulting in less misfiring than a Nickel Plug
Tests show that when comparing a Nickel Plug with a TT Plug, fuel consumption improved by up to 5%,
meaning those regular longer journeys become more economical

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