The crankshafts and connecting rods from Athena are made of special steel and are manufactured with CNC high precision machinery.
ATHENA offers them in a complete range that can satisfy any performance need.
In addition to the original spare version and the racing version, Athena provides also for the ?long stroke? in order to be used exclusively on our 80cc racing tunings.

a. Original: similar to the original ones, they are better balanced and provided with a lighter connecting rod and new needle bearings (big end and small end).

b. Racing ø10: completely machined, they have lighter connecting rod with new needle bearings and full rounds to reduce the volume in the crankcase.

c. Racing ø12: same as Racing 10mm but with the 12mm ø piston pin. d. Racing ø12 STROKE (43/44mm): same as 12mm Racing but with longer stroke to combine with our racing cylinder kits increasing the displacement up to 80cc.

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